How To Improve English Speaking Fluency

Hey Guys if you want to speak English fluently and effortlessly, then there are some rules, if you strictly followed these rules in our daily life than anyone can speak English fluently.

How To Improve English Speaking Fluency

1. Learn English phrases instead of learning single words, as phrases is a group of words, which forms a small sentences, so by learning phrases automatically you will learn many words. Suppose if you want to learn any word and you learned and remembered, but that word will not help you till you are not sure how to use that word in speaking, that’s why learning phrases is more important than learning individual words.

2. Forget all English grammar rules, It is shocking to everyone but that is true, for speaking English fluently you should forget all grammar rules, this is because if you want to speak like a native then no need to follow grammar rules, as we all speak our native language it can be Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and other languages, Just think would we follow grammar rules to speak our native language-answer is No. This is why forget all English grammar rules to speak English Fluently.

3. Listen English everyday on your daily life, like watch & listen English Serials, Movies, and Plays. When you listen English on your daily life, your vocabulary gets strong and automatically you will try to speak English fluently. The more listening the more speaking.

4. Repeat what you learn, Every day what you are learning in English you should repeat again and again, by doing this you will remember permanently what you learning in English, If you don’t repeat then it may be possible you forget after some days, so by repeating again and again you make it to fix permanently in your thought.

5. Your thoughts should be in English only in your mind, Well it means in our daily life we make lot of planning and thoughts in our mind, this all thoughts, planning we should think in English only, by doing this you actually making English language to fix in your subconscious mind. If it is happened then subconsciously you will speak English fluently and unconsciously like a native speaker.

These are the 5 Powerful Rules to speak English fluently and flawlessly. You need to work on these 5 rules strictly, then in a short time your will able to Speak English Fluently without any efforts.

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